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Wishes on Airplanes project

March 26, 2012

Art students at South East Junior High have been creating paper airplane art like crazy. It is part of their Wishes on Airplanes project directed by teacher Rachael Ayers-Arnone. Inspired by the Japanese story of the thousand paper cranes, there is a wish inside each paper airplane. Students and community members paid $1 for each […]

Children’s Books as Sandcastles

August 14, 2011

For the first year, Sand in the City had a theme and what a great one! Children’s books. I thought the sandcastles were the best yet (maybe I was biased because of the theme). It continues today and no rain fell so if you’re local head to Iowa Avenue and check them out today! On […]

Flannel Friday: Sandcastle Flannelboard

August 12, 2011

This weekend is Sand in the City and there will be sandcastles throughout downtown. That, along with my recent glorious days at the beach, inspired me to make a sandcastles flannelboard. In case it is raining on Saturday, children can make their own flannel sandcastles inside the library. For another beach flannelboard idea, visit Katie’s […]

Book Marks Iowa Sightings

June 2, 2011

The bookmarks are starting to appear throughout Iowa City just in time for their Arts Fest debut. Here are three children’s literature-related offerings close to ICPL. They’ll be up through October. For more information and a map, visit Bookmarks Iowa.