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Chinese Children’s Book Purchases

April 12, 2012

On a recent trip to China I picked up these books for the library at the Wangfujing Bookstore. None of the staff spoke English, but I grabbed a bilingual customer who assured me my choices were good ones and added the five Tutu books to my pile. Tutu’s a familiar cartoon and she says our patrons will enjoy seeing him in America. My favourites are the festival books.

Chinese New Year's Illustration

Cijiuyingxin Guodanian Chunjie / Celebration for New Year by Wang Early, illustrated by Li Jian and Shen Bing


Niulang Zhinu de Chuanshuo /Cowherd and Weaver Girl also by Wang Early and illustrated by Li Jian and Shen Bing.  This is about Tanabata Festival, a romantic festival that has evolved into a sort of Chinese Valentine’s Day.

The Children’s Department at Wangfujing Bookstore

Wimpy Kid in China

The English books section prominently featured Wimpy Kid and Roald Dahl.

Book Packaging China

I love learning about small cultural differences as well as big ones when travelling – such as the packaging.

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