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Coding Club Update

October 13, 2012

Today is the second meeting of CoderDojo at the library. The first CoderDojo was a hit with 18 students Grades 4-9 spending two hours busily learning HTML5 and even a bit of CSS3. The mentors threw them right into programming which seemed to work well. Quite impressive how much they accomplished on their web pages! A wide range of existing skills were represented from beginners to kids who’ve written Blackjack games in Javascript, created mods in Minecraft or are developing iPhone apps.

To work in Linux (the mentors’ preference), they are working off of flash drives . The CoderDojo folks have put in a lot of hours loading the flash drives and unfortunately there was a glitch with Internet access from them the first time. It meant that we had to collect them after the first session, but they will get those back today and be able to keep them. Many had their files emailed so they could work on their sites between sessions. I know that several of the kids have been working away on their projects in between (others I just haven’t seen or heard from since the first session so they may also be working away).

Great start to an exciting program!


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