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Flannel Friday: Best Dressed Bear Flannelboard Game

August 26, 2011

Another simple game this week borrowed from PUBYAC a few years ago. Ask the children to help dress the bear (I give him a name based on whatever stories we’re reading or the name that strikes me as amusing that day. I think Obadiah is a really good bear name.) You can decide ahead where the bear is going (ie a wedding, choose the top hat and tie or to play baseball, put on the baseball hat and leave off the tie) or let the kids dress him as they would like and then talk about what it looks like he’s dressed to do. As well as encouraging participation and eliminating the need to memorize any verses or stories, flannelboard games can work well in any language.

Best Dressed Bear

Possible storytime themes to use this game with are bears, colours, clothing and shopping. For a bear storytime, the Barenaked Ladies version of The Other Day I Met a Bear is lots of fun.

Finding Flannel Friday

This week’s round up is hosted by Mollie Kay at What Happens in Storytime…

2 thoughts on “Flannel Friday: Best Dressed Bear Flannelboard Game

  1. sharon says:

    Nice. I’d probably put the shorts upside down on his head first to see if they were paying attention. Sometimes Miss Sharon is a little ditsy.

  2. Nicole says:

    Super cute bear! Hahaha Sharon, it’s always fun to see if the kids are REALLY paying attention.

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