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Flannel Friday: Chinese Nursery Rhyme: Little Mouse

May 27, 2011

To create a flannelboard with the One World Many Stories Summer Reading Program theme, I dug into Chinese and English Nursery Rhymes by Faye-Lynn Wu. It’s a bilingual book of rhymes including a compact disc with the songs in their original language (Chinese or English).

Many of the rhymes show the universality of childhood and feature animals, friendship, stars, trains and the like. I chose to make a flannelboard of Little Mouse because the lamp makes it identifiably Chinese. Plus saying “ji-li-gu-lu” with the kids will be really fun.

The little mouse climbed up the lamp
To find some oil to nibble
Can’t get down
Meow, meow, meow
Here came the cat
Ji-li-gu-lu down fell the mouse.

Mouse and Chinese Lantern

I surfed the web for clip art templates. I picked up the cat template at the Texas State Library site (update: page no longer exists).

scat the cat

The mouse template is from the Australian 0 to 5 site. I’m pleased with the whiskers.


The Chinese lantern shape is based on a coloring page at abcteach. Because my favourite flannel/magnetboard at my library is red, I choose to make the lantern primarily gold. I picked up this sheet of fancy paper at Hobby Lobby. I was hoping to find something with dragons on it, but no luck!

Finding Flannel Friday

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5 thoughts on “Flannel Friday: Chinese Nursery Rhyme: Little Mouse

  1. Melissa ZD says:

    Oh, how simple and perfect for a flannelboard! PLUS you’ve pointed me to a couple new places for templates and shapes!

  2. Katie says:

    That is fancy paper! I love the detail work on this flannel (your mouse whiskers and the lantern’s streamers) — super sweet!

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  4. Anne says:

    Gorgeous! I love the paper (can’t believe it’s paper, looks like fabric!)

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