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Flannel Friday: Five Little Snakes

August 28, 2015

Five Little Snakes made with foam felt left by a former children’s librarian at Coralville Public Library. No one remembers who made them, but the snakes and the accompanying rhyme worked well with a recent “Animals Nobody Loves” storytime.

Five Little Snakes

Five Little Snakes

Five little snakes
Hid under Mom’s chair
My brother grabbed the red one,
Leaving four there.

Four little snakes swinging in a tree.
The blue one slipped and fell,
Leaving only three.

Three little snakes
Wondered what to do.
The yellow one took a nap,
Leaving only two.

Two little snake
Basking in the sun.
The brown one slithered off,
Leaving only one.

One little green snake
Lonely as could be
Went looking for some fun,
And came and played with me.

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