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Flannel Friday: Five Purple Violets Finger Puppets

June 10, 2011

Fingerpuppet Violets

These purple violets are another project I made with my mother a few years ago. Wilma Flanagan is closing down her site so her template is no longer available. Fortunately they are pretty easy to copy by eyeballing this photo. Instead of trying to cut felt circles, I just glued on foamy circles. I think finger puppets work best for “popping,” but the rhyme could easy work with flat violets as well.

Five Purple Violets

One purple violet in our garden grew
Up popped another, and that made two
Two purple violets were all that I could see
But I found another, and that made three
Three purple violets — if I could find one more,
We’d give them to mother — we’d have four!
Four purple violets — sure as you’re alive!
Why here is another! And now there are five.

The other flannelboard activity I like to do with garden storytimes is get out a great big piece of flannel, all sorts of flower pieces (stems, petals, leaves, some full flower heads, etc.) and let the children make their own flowers. This works best after storytime proper. I tried it once in the middle of storytime and it was a bit of a time-consuming and confusing muddle!


Finding Flannel Friday

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2 thoughts on “Flannel Friday: Five Purple Violets Finger Puppets

  1. Katie says:

    I think the idea of letting the kids free-play with flannel pieces after storytime is such a great idea! And I really like the way that you have the pieces set up for them to experiment and create with!

  2. molliekay says:

    What a beautiful job! I love the build-your-own-flower board, too. Very imaginative!

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