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Not So Flannel Friday: Food Chain Stacking Cups

January 4, 2013

Love this idea for showing the food chain from Earth Mama via E is for Explore. It provides such a nice active visual for a basic concept of nature. The nearby Macbride Raptor Center is amazing so I chose an owl food chain (grass, grasshopper, mouse, snake, owl) knowing that many of the storytime children will be able to relate to the food the raptors eat. Maybe they can make their own set of cups and take them on a scavenger hunt at the Raptor Center.

My pictures are courtesy of old Zoobooks as well as Jan Brett’s website. Styrofoam cups work best because of their wide rim. Start with the grass cup on its own and then add the cups with their respective animals as you move up through the food chain until you end up with a pile with the owl on top and the other animal names showing.

food chain stacking cups

Some picture books about the food chain:

Snap by Mick Manning

Trout are Made of Trees by April Pulley Sayre

The  Story Goes On by Aileen Fisher

This is the Sea that Feeds Us by Robert  F. Baldwin

This week’s Flan­nel Fri­day host is Lisa at Libraryland. You can also find past and future roundups and lots more infor­ma­tion about Flan­nel Fri­day at the Flan­nel Fri­day web­site. For a visual round-up of all post­ings, check out Flan­nel Fri­day on Pin­ter­est.

3 thoughts on “Not So Flannel Friday: Food Chain Stacking Cups

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  3. Diana says:

    I Think you shouldnt teach ecology using styrofoam as it is a very contaminating material. It is a very nice idea but you may try reusable materials

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