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Flannel Friday: French Rhyme Petit Poisson

March 20, 2015

Petit Poisson

This cute red fish was made by the dynamic duo, Jackie and Mathieu, that I worked with to do French storytimes. It goes with the following Petit Poisson (Little Fish) rhyme. Craft sticks are perfect since the fish are going in circles. They brought stick puppets for the children as well.

Petit poisson qui tourne en rond,
Petit poisson dis-moi ton nom.
Petit poisson qui bouge,
Petit poisson tout rouge,
Petit poisson dis-moi ton nom.

Rough translation:
Little fish who swims in circles
Little fish tell me your name
Little fish who moves
Little fish who is red
Little fish tell me your name

The rhyme comes from Un Deux Trois: First French Rhymes selected by Opal Dunn and illustrated by Patrice Aggs. Helpfully for us non-native French speakers, the book comes with a CD as well so you can play the rhymes if you need help with pronounciation.

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