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Flannel Friday: Groundhog Day Puppet

February 3, 2012

Groundhog Day is a fun day to celebrate, but its picture book selection cries out for supplements. Sarah at Read It Again! created a great shadow game last week. My inspiration comes from Skip to My Lou.

Groundhog grass

Grass on a stick? Push up the stick and, voilà! Groundhog looks for its shadow!

Groundhog Popup Puppet

This could be used to accompany just about any Groundhog’s Day rhyme, such as the collection at Preschool Express. Use it with a crook-neck lamp to manipulate the groundhog’s shadow. Ask the children questions like “Does it count if we can see the shadow, but the groundhog can’t see it?”

Today’s Flannel Friday roundup is hosted by me.

6 thoughts on “Flannel Friday: Groundhog Day Puppet

  1. Angela Reynolds says:

    This is pretty cute! Wish I had seen it earlier. The idea could be used for other rhymes, too, now I just need to think of some to use it with!

  2. Madigan says:

    I made a nearly identical one with my craft kids group at the library yesterday! Fun times!

  3. I LOVE your goofy groundhog! He is hilarious! I’m sure your kids loved him. I know my Family Storytime friends would love him and they would want to make their own to take home. Maybe next year…

  4. cute! i love his big buck teeth

  5. Anne says:

    I’ve always thought groundhogs were so ugly but everyone is making the cutest groundhogs so now I have to rethink my bias against them. SIGH.

  6. Andrea, you are so inventive. I’ll have to think of some Scottish animals I could use this with.

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