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Flannel Friday Inspiration Post: Hedgehog & Ouch!

December 9, 2011

I love hedgehogs so knew I wanted to copy Storytiming Cate‘s adaptation of Ouch! by Ragnhild Scamell as soon as I saw it.

Hedgehog & Nest

The story begins as our hero is getting ready for winter.

Hedgehog with Apple

Trying to nest for the winter, the hedgehog gets an apple stuck in his quills. Poor hedgehog can’t fit inside her nest anymore!

Hedgehog with Acorns

Things just go from bad to worse. Next acorns land on his spines…

Hedgehog with Paper

followed by a piece of paper

Hedghog with Grapes


Hedgehog with Fish

a fish

Hedgehog with Flower

and a flower. Each time, Hedgehog tries to get things out of her spines. Squirrel and other friends try to help. She rolls around.

Nothing works until…

Hungry Goat

Goat comes along and happily munches everything up.

So Hedgehog climbs into her nest and snores the winter away.

Hedgehog Puppet

The pieces also work with the adorable Folkmanis hedgehog puppet. Okay, not really. I’d need a different nest & the pieces don’t stick very well. Mostly I just wanted to show off the puppet šŸ™‚

The goat template came fromĀ Fun Pages for Kids.The hedgehog template comes from this neat craft project. The leaves would have made this story too cluttered and difficult to see the objects stuck in poor Hedgehog, but if I ever want to use the hedgehog in another story, its spines will come from felt leaves rather than the spine ridge.

Hedgehog with Leaves

If, like me, you didn’t realize hedgehogs hibernate before reading this story, you may findĀ  theĀ  hedgehog hibernation information sheet from Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital Trust helpful.

Finding Flannel Friday

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