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Flannel Friday JavaScript: Little Mouse

January 30, 2015

Little Mouse

I’m contributing a distinctly non-flannel Flannel Friday: an online interactive version of Little Mouse, the popular storytime game, using JavaScript.

Thanks to my eldest for his help and Trent Richardson for his jQuery Impromptu extension.

The code is available on Github. Pull requests that improve and extend the code are most welcome!

Mouse icon made by Freepik from, licensed by CC BY 3.0

JavaScript Version

Flannelboard Version

I posted the traditional flannelboard version here way back in 2011.

Find­ing Flan­nel Friday

This week’s Flan­nel Fri­day host is Storytime Katie.

You can also find past and future roundups and lots more infor­ma­tion about Flan­nel Fri­day at the Flan­nel Fri­day web­site. For a visual round-up of all post­ings, check out Flan­nel Fri­day on Pin­ter­est.

And to all the lucky Flanney Friday-ers meeting at ALA this weekend, have a blast!

2 thoughts on “Flannel Friday JavaScript: Little Mouse

  1. sharon says:

    hey, welcome back to the round up …

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