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Flannel Friday: Little Mouse in the House Flannelboard Game

September 23, 2011

An old standby this week. Kids love it everytime and the houses can be used with just about any other animal or item depending on your theme. With mice, you ask, “Little mouse, little mouse, are you hiding in the _____ house?” Name a colour or solicit colours from the children. Repeat as time and the children’s interest allows (my experience is that time rather than interest usually ends this game). While it rhymes with mouse, I haven’t noticed children miss the rhyme with ie a cat? They love the guessing and participation.

This week’s Flannel Friday round up is hosted at Miss Mary Liberry. To find past and future roundups, head on over to So Tomorrow.

UPDATE 2015: JavaScript version of Little Mouse.

6 thoughts on “Flannel Friday: Little Mouse in the House Flannelboard Game

  1. Anne says:

    Hands down, this is the first flannelboard I would tell any librarian to make. I wish I had known of it years ago!

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  3. Library Quine says:

    Yep, I’ll do this one. I was thinking of a castle theme soon, so maybe I could make some simple towers instead of houses? BTW congrats on completing the reading challenge!

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