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Flannel Friday: Six Little Bumblebees Flannelboard

June 3, 2011

Despite these bumblebees being rather charming, they were a feature in this week’s Animals Nobody Loves Storytime. To make it fit, I perhaps emphasised their sting more than parents would have liked!

Bumblebees Flannel

I think the templates for these came from Pack o’ Fun. I use their templates a lot for making felt pieces. If I am remembering wrong and you deserve credit for these shapes, please let me know! For a tree, I pull out the apple tree from a Sisters in Stitches kit. I didn’t realize they had retired and shut down shop until just now when I tried to link to their tree.

Six Little Bumblebees

Six little bumblebees
Were living in a hive.
One flew away
And then there were five.

Five little bumblebees
Buzzed around some more.
One flew away
And then there were four.

Four little bumblebees
Flew around the tree.
One flew away
And then there were three.

Three little bumblebees
Loved flowers of blue.
One flew away
And then there were two.

Two little bumblebees
Were having lots of fun.
One flew away
And then there was one.

The last little bumblebee
Said “Where are my friendsd?”
He flew away
And so our story ends.

Finding Flannel Friday

For more Flannel Friday ideas, search #flannelfriday on Twitter. This week’s round up is hosted by @molliekay. Links to all past Flannel Friday posts can be found at So Tomorrow.

One thought on “Flannel Friday: Six Little Bumblebees Flannelboard

  1. molliekay says:

    I love the bumblebees, very cute! I also like your Animals Nobody Loves theme. I hadn’t thought about doing that before, and I think children would be highly entertained.

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