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Flannel Friday: Thanksgiving Bracelet Story

November 2, 2012

This storytime and craft idea come from Ramblings of a Crazy Woman. With a large group, the story flows better if you tell the story while making a bracelet yourself and then let the children make their own bracelets afterwards. Each bead represents a part of this story of the Pilgrims’ arrival.

As you slide each bead onto a pipe cleaner, explain its significance:

Brown bead: Pilgrims leave England

White bead: sails on the Mayflower

3 blue beads: long trip over the ocean (add very slowly)

Green bead: land ahoy!

3 white beads: long winter

Green bead: spring arrives!

Tan bead: Native Americans who help the Pilgrims

4 beads for the Thanksgiving feast: red for cranberries, yellow for corn, brown for turkey and orange for pumpkin

Twist the ends of the pipecleaner together and ta-da! the Thanksgiving Story bracelet is complete. Time for children to make their own.

Thanksgiving bead bracelet

This week’s Flannel Friday host is Amanda at Trails & Tales. You can also find past and future roundups and lots more information about Flannel Friday at the Flannel Friday website. For a visual round-up of all postings, check out Flannel Friday on Pinterest.

3 thoughts on “Flannel Friday: Thanksgiving Bracelet Story

  1. Lisa Mulvenna says:

    That is really cool!

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