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Flannel Friday: Toolboxes & Missing Hammer Flannelboard

July 22, 2011

This idea comes from a PUBYAC compilation a few years ago for construction storytimes. It could work for a jobs theme as well. It is basically a toolbox version of the popular Little Mouse in the House flannelboard. I used the adorable Bruno the Carpenter by Lars Klinting to inspire my shapes and as the name of my carpenter.

Toolboxes Flannelboard

Find Bruno’s Hammer
Place all toolboxes on the flannelboard. Hide the hammer under one of them.

“Bruno built so many toolboxes that he cannot remember in which one he put his favorite hammer. Can you help Bruno find his missing hammer? In what toolbox should we look first?”

After a color is chosen, say the following phrase before removing that color toolbox.

Bruno needs his hammer lots and lots.
Is it hiding in the (say colour) toolbox?

Repeat until the hammer is found.

Eventually, I’d like to make more tools to hide behind the toolboxes that don’t have the hammer. In theory those were going to ready for Flannel Friday, but…

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9 thoughts on “Flannel Friday: Toolboxes & Missing Hammer Flannelboard

  1. Anne says:

    Great idea executed very well. I am so stealing this one!

  2. Mary K says:

    Great idea! And the kids ALWAYS love these games.

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  4. This is awesome. I am totally stealing this. I love the lavender toolbox!

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  6. Kathryn says:

    Love this idea….so much that I made a set for myself. I used laminated Google clipart with velcro on the back for the hammer and other tools for the other toolboxes. Thanks for a great idea!!

  7. Hi Andrea, Would you mind if I used the picture from this blog post in a round up I’m writing on Jbrary? Of course I would link back to your blog and give you a shout out. Please let me know if this is okay!

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