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Kids Tech Club: Off to a great start!

October 6, 2011

Yesterday was the first day of the Kids Tech Club. It’s a project I’ve been wanting to do for several months and was both nervous and excited to get started. Three kids were unable to come to the first meeting, but if the ones who came are any indication it’s going to be a great group. They are enthusiastic, inquisitive, knowledgeable and got along great!

We spent quite a bit of time talking about what they already know, what they are eager to learn and teach and what technology they have access to at home. Then we jumped into some Internet safety, creating avatars and looking at some book trailers to generate ideas for their final project. The sites we looked at are posted on the Tech Club site.

Based on their feedback I anticipate dropping the planned sound editing week and instead working on design on the Tech Club Site together. Most of the kids already know HTML but some don’t have any experience putting it into action on a live site. They are eager to try that and another is eager to show off his mad skills and gussy up the very basic site.

3 thoughts on “Kids Tech Club: Off to a great start!

  1. Hi, This sounds like a great club! I’d love to do this, but couldn’t without stepping on toes or putting noses out of joint!

  2. Kristine MacNeill says:

    What a cool idea! Do you limit the amount of kids participating and does your library provide laptops or other computers for the kids use?

    • rovingfiddlehead says:

      It’s limited to ten kids, Grades 4-6, currently. We have a computer lab with 20 computers so no shortage that way, but the other equipment (flip cameras, 2 iPads, etc.) is a lot more limited and I didn’t want too many kids to just be standing around when we do those activities. Maybe we’ll expand registration for the next session, but I love the size of the group right now. Week 2 was even more fun than the first week!

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