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Maker Monday: Paper Circuits

August 31, 2015

For makers looking to include art in their STEM programming, paper circuits are a great way to both teach electronics and allow for plenty of creative freedom. I introduced paper circuits at a Circuit Sewing Camp at Kirkwood Community College and they proved to be the preferred medium of some of the campers. With basic art supplies as well as copper tape, LEDs and 3V batteries, they all made simple circuit cards while others also made simple switches and pull-tab circuit cards. Below are a few of their paper circuit creations.

KICK Paper Circuits

Paper Circuits using Simple Switch

KICK Sensor Card

Simple Switch Paper Circuit Card

KICK Pulltab Tree

Pulltab Paper Circuit Card made using Make to Learn Tutorial

You can find many projects and tutorials on the Paper Circuits board on Pinterest, started by David Peins.

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