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Nonfiction Monday: Eye on the Wild Series

October 1, 2012

eyes on the wild

Wildlife photographer Suzi Esztherhas combines her excellent photography with clear concise writing in this winning series about animals growing up. So far, four books have been published in the Eye on the Wild series, Brown BearCheetah, Lion and Gorilla with two more, Orangutan and Sea Otter due for publication in Spring 2013. The large photographs clearly depict the animals and tug the heart strings. Each book covers an animal beginning from birth until it matures. The simple text is both readable and informative, but the star in this series is the photography. Gorilla wins the cuteness contest so far, but I expect the baby orangutan photos are going to provide tough competition. Visit her online galleries to get a sense of the quality of Esztherhas’ photography.

nonfiction monday

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