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Owl Storytime

October 4, 2012

Owl Picture Books

Fall makes me think of owls. Lots of great owl stories, flannels and fingerplays to choose from. It’s obvious I like them from the internal links I’ve added below 🙂 Feel free to add your own owl storytime ideas!

Owl Babies by Martin Waddell

This Little Owl fingerplay
This little owl slept all day (Hold up forefinger, lay head on hands)
This little owl flew away (Hold up middle finger, make flying motions with hands)
This little owl made not a sound (Hold up ring finger, put finger to lips)
This little owl is nice and round (Hold up pinky, hold arms out to make a big stomach)
This little owl could only say, “Whooo, whooo, whooo, have a nice day!” (hold up thumb and wave other hand)

Book of Sleep by Il Sung Na

Nocturnal Animals Flannel

Nocturnal Animals” song by Nancy Music with flannel

I’m Not Cute – Jonathan Allen

Five Hoot Owls counting flannel
Five hoot owls sitting in a tree
One flew away! How many do you see?
One, two, three, four.

Four hoot owls… etc.

Look Who’s Counting by Suse MacDonald

Little Owl Lost by Chris Haughton


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