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Six Month Update on Reading Challenges

July 1, 2012

I am participating in four reading challenges this year as well as a reader for the Iowa Children’s Choice Award. I’m pleased with my progress so far for all but one of the challenges.

goodreads reading challenge

Goodreads challenge: 200 books. I’ve read 100. Right on track. This is really good because I don’t trackĀ  any of my adult reading on Goodreads and I did a lot of the latter this spring in preparation for my trip to China. I also don’t track picture books unless they are reviewed for a challenge .

I am in better shape for the others than my blog indicates. I’ve yet to do writeups on many of the books I’ve read.

Middle Grade/Young Adult Fantasy Challenge – I signed up to read 10 and have read 7 so far. My favourite was definitely The False Prince by Jennifer Nielsen.

Nonfiction Picture Book Challenge – I committed to read 25 and have recorded 22 so far. Favourites have been Seeing Symmetry, Worst of Friends and Those Rebels John and Tom.

Award-Winning Book Challenge – For this one I want to read five Newberys as well as an award-winning picture book and an award-winning chapter book from at least ten different countries. Despite how much I was looking forward to this one, I’ve only read 14 of the 36 I committed to so far. And I haven’t moved out of English-speaking countries yet. I am so happy I chose this broader award-winning challenge over the #nerdbery as I follow Mr. Schu and Colby Sharp’s difficulties with many of the early Newberys. Bog Child by Siobhan Dowd was my favourite so far.

When the ICCA reader list came out in June, I was happy to see that my increased reading last year meant that I am in really good shape (thanks, tweeps!). I am required to read 64 books and have already read 59 on the list. I hope to read more than 5 more before September, but it is quite a relief to know that I will be able to meet my minimum responsibilities with ease!


2 thoughts on “Six Month Update on Reading Challenges

  1. Melissa ZD says:

    Wow, you are doing great! I am way behind on picture books and haven’t even started on non-fiction picture books yet. Go you!

    • rovingfiddlehead says:

      Besides all the great Twitter recommendations, 2 things have increased my reading time. Now that my eldest can drive, I can take the bus a lot more. Love reading on the bus! Also, with an ereader set at a large font size, I now read when I use the treadmill. Which also means I use the treadmill a lot more so both my reading and fitness lives have improved.

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