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STEM Friday: How Cool is This?

January 6, 2012


With How Cool is This? An Up-close Inside Look at How Things Work, DK has put together a book that passes my magnetic curiosity test. Set the book out and anyone who comes near picks it up, starts looking through and sharing the interesting facts they’ve learned. The descriptions are very brief, but, along with the excellent photographs, get to the heart of the matter. Each topic is granted an attractive two-page spread.  Fractals, glowsticks, night vision and crash helmets are among the science and technology the book explores. It’s a perfect book for browsing and one that will leave children looking at everyday objects in a whole new way (your cat may find this rather disconcerting when it leads to you investigating its eyes up close). From diagrams of crystal structures to the tidbit that koalas have similar fingerprints to humans, each entry in How Cool is This? will feed a love of science and technology.

This week’s STEM Friday round-up is hosted by me.

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