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STEM Friday Round-up January 6

January 6, 2012

stem friday

STEM Friday is a weekly round-up of children’s nonfiction focused on science, technology, engineering and math. Participating in STEM Friday this week? Leave your link in the comments or tweet me (@aflemming) and I will include it here.

NC Teacher Stuff reviews Over in the Forest: Come and Take a Peek by Marianne Berkes. “Such a smart book!”

Wrapped in Foil reviews Animal Planet’s Weird and Wonderful: Show-offs by Margaret McPhee, a book filled with “eye-catching color photographs and illustrations.”

Simply Science reviews Biomimicry: Inventions Inspired by Nature by Dora Lee. “A fascinating look at a range of inventions resulting from nature.”

Booktalking gives us Be Fit, Be Strong, Be You by Rebecca Kajander and Timothy Culbert. Part of the Be the Boss of Your Body series.

My own contribution is How Cool is This? It was the perfect coffee-table book over the holidays for stimulating spontaneous STEM discussions.

Next week’s host is Capstone Connect.

4 thoughts on “STEM Friday Round-up January 6

  1. Jeff says:

    Thank you for hosting today! I like your magnetic curiosity test. Great idea. At NC Teacher Stuff, I have a review of Over in the Forest:

  2. Roberta says:

    Good Morning,
    I have a quick review of Animal Planet’s “Show-offs” today at

    I will definitely be looking for “How Cool is This?”
    Thanks for hosting today 🙂

  3. Thanks for hosting this week! For the first STEM Friday post of the new year, I have Be Fit, Be Strong, Be You? (Be The Boss Of Your Body) by Rebecca Kajander C.P.N.P. M.P.H. (Author) and Timothy Culbert M.D. (Author)

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