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Weeds Find a Way #nfpb15

February 11, 2015

weeds find a way

Weeds find a way to live where other plants grow,
send their seeds into the world in wondrous ways…
find a way to wait…
find a way to be loved…

There is wonder and beauty to be found in all of nature. Weeds Find a Way by Cynthia Jensen-Elliott and illustrated by Carolyn Fisher gives weeds the prominence, strength and beauty normally reserved for flowers, trees and food plants.With bold illustrations and large text, weeds take center stage in this engaging picture book. Children play amongst the weeds throughout as weeds grow in the cracks of a hopscotch game, the sole of an old shoe and, of course, dandelion seeds are blown into the wind.

In the closing profiles for the 28 weeds mentioned and/or illustrated throughout the book, children will delight in the often amusing names such as cheeseweed, stinkweed, and ox-eye daisy. Back matter provides context for when and why weeds are problematic. While Weeds Find a Way is a celebration of their perseverance and adaptation, the back matter makes clear that all is not sweetness and light in the realm of weeds.

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One thought on “Weeds Find a Way #nfpb15

  1. Looks like a riveting title. I’ve read a few reviews of this one previously, and will definitely be on the lookout for it.

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