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Where in the World? Geography Games

May 28, 2011

As children attend library programs about other countries and cultures this summer, here are some online games to help learn the location of places around the world.

Globetrotter XL: You are given a city to locate on a world map; your score is based on how close you click to the actual location of the city. The actual location is shown. Points are based on distance with a speed bonus. Each level requires more points to advance.  Addictive.The only problem is that the map is kind of small and sometimes it’s hard to be as precise as you want.

Rethinking Schools Map Game – Drag and drop country name onto the corresponding country outline. Currently showing North Africa and the Middle East.

Virtual Pilot by Lufthansa. Land your plane in European destinations (where Lufthansa flies of course). Like Globetrotter, points are earned based on how close you land. If you choose the wrong city, the correct city is marked and a line is drawn between the two points. This line makes the connection very clear and is preferable to the markers alone that Globetrotter uses.

Globe from ONT Design shared under Creative Commons license.

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