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Mice Storytime

September 22, 2011

It’s getting to be that time of year when mice are coming indoors for the winter so it seemed like a good time for a mouse storytime (with a good dose of apples). Opener: Dance your fingers up Dance your fingers down Dance your fingers to the side Dance them all around! Dance them on […]

Flannel Friday: Shape Clown Flannelboard

September 16, 2011

For a clown, circus or shapes storytime, create a clown from shapes, naming the shapes as you place them on the flannelboard and build the clown. Head: circle Body: rectangle Arms & legs: skinny rectangles Hands: mitten shapes Feet: quadrilaterals Eyes: smaller circles Nose: small triangle Ears: half circles Mouth: half circle Hat: triangle Heart: […]

Transportation Storytime

September 10, 2011

It’s been a slow blogging month. This was a fitting storytime theme for me given all the travel I’ve been doing lately! I don’t do toddler storytimes very often so it’s a bit tricky for me because I tend to forget how short the stories, but this time I had enough stories and activities and […]

Flannel Friday: Bee Bim Bop

September 9, 2011

Travel begets travel. On a recent trip, I had my first taste of bee bim bop while thinking of Linda Sue Park. My first trip to Korea is coming up in December. You can be sure I’ll be reading (and rereading) a lot of Linda Sue Park this fall and subjecting the kids to a […]

Food Storytime

August 1, 2011

My library televises Saturday storytimes. We have a difficult time receiving permission for books so Flannel Friday has been a huge help to stretch these storytimes. I probably went overboard during my last Saturday storytime and used only two books and four ideas from Flannel Friday friends! Opener: Roll, roll, roll your hands as slowly […]

Stories in the Park: France

July 16, 2011

The country featured for Stories in the Park this week was France. Things were a little different each day (we visit two parks), but this is the general outline. Everybody Bonjours by Leslie Kimmelman Cabbage planting song. This is a really fun action song that teaches parts of the body. It worked especially well in […]