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Image Editing for Kids

June 5, 2012

I’m gearing up for the Kids Tech Camp in a couple of weeks. That means it’s time to sort through my bookmarks and favourite sites like Free Technology for Teachers and SMS Tech Club decide what new tools to incorporate into this session. The focus is on free, no-registration-required tools. Not because my library doesn’t have a good budget, but because I want the kids to learn to use tools that they will be able to access after Tech Camp is finished. The first day is always Internet Safety and image editing. Image editing is a foundation skill that the kids often use in subsequent projects so it is important that it starts the week.

iPiccy has worked really well in the past so at this point I plan to demonstrate it for sure. Other contenders are:

Iaza converts file formats as well so I can see this coming in handy for some of the video and animation projects we do later in the week.

Some collage and slideshow tools that the kids will use and I will also use to highlight the kids projects.
Photovisi – collage
Photopeach – slideshow

Image generators are a big hit and work well to use on subsequent days as kids are gathering. Some fun ones include:

La Photocabine was a big hit in the spring. Looks like the old photo booths in malls, but so much cheaper to retake.

Festisite Money – put an image into money from all over the world. Here I am, hanging out in the middle of a Norwegian kroner with an extremely large ear.

Face on Kroner – allows you to zoom in on details of a photo on the web. Perfect for seeing the unique features of each terracotta warrior.


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