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Kids Tech Club: Candy Shop War Trailer

December 8, 2011

Here it is at last! The Kids’ Tech Club book trailer for The Candy Shop War by Brandon Mull.

The book was suggested by one member the first week which prompted other members to read the book and be enthusiastic promoters for it. As well as being a really fun and exciting story, it was a great choice because we filmed it around Halloween. The final Kids’ Tech Club project was a lot of fun, but overly ambitious for the time we had. We had to redo some of the sound, but didn’t have any time to redo video. Fortunately, we took photos and footage from the local candy store, Sweets & Treats, which could fill in some of the gaps. We used Flip cameras, iPiccy, Windows Movie Maker and Sound Recorder, all resources the kids have access to (the library loans Flip cameras). Next session we’ll focus on shorter, more contained video projects, but the potential is there to do more book trailers, especially given the things we learned putting this one together.

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