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Kids Tech Club Field Trip: 3D Printer & More

November 17, 2011

Kids Tech Club officially ran for six weeks this fall and then begins again in February. To keep some momentum going, the kids in the fall session are going on a field trip in December. We’re going to visit the 3D printer, 3D scanner and CNC Mill and Lathe (computer numerical control) at the University of Iowa’s College of Engineering. It’s going to be so cool! Several parents are coming since they are as excited as the kids. We’ll get to see the machines in action as well as learn about how they work and hear about the future of design and engineering in relation to these tools. The lab we’re going to is in the midst of a transformation from a machine shop that made tools for faculty research to a student lab. The director is apologetic about the chaos, but I think the kids learning about this switch and how it could one day benefit them is a bonus.

More information on 3D printing and how it will change our world from the Economist: The Printed World

Here’s one of the UI’s 3D printers in action:


I’d love to do more STEM field trips with Kids Tech Club so if you’ve got any ideas, please pass them on.

2 thoughts on “Kids Tech Club Field Trip: 3D Printer & More

  1. I’ve seen this before, and think it’s the most fascinating thing I’ve watched in a year. I also saw the owner of this technology get his home worked on during a THIS OLD HOUSE episode. Very cool stuff!

  2. Wombi says:

    I am a strong believer that technology not only makes the learning process much more fun, but it also creates allows a more hands-on experience for kids! If you are interested in other educational products for kids, I would check out our educational apps! 🙂

    Best Regards

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