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Maker Monday: Magnets

July 13, 2015

magnetThis week’s Maker Monday highlights magnets. Magnets impact so much in our world (and are just plain fun!). Do not do loose magnet projects with children who put things in their mouths.

Preschool Magnet Play

Magnet Painting. Inspiration from Left Brain Craft Brain.

Magnet Busy Play Jar. What We Do All Day keeps kids busy and curious with this project.

Paper Plate Magnet Maze. Cakies created a clever maze project for her kids.

Elementary Projects

Magnetic Sculptures. Some strong magnets, an assortment of hardware and imagination are the only requirements to create inventive sculptures.

Magnetic Slime. FrugalFun4Boys provides clear step-by-step instructions for this fun project.

Money Smoothie. Make a money smoothie to find the iron in American bills with a magnet. If you’d rather keep your money intact, try this simple experiment to demonstrate that the bills are magnetic. Try currency from other countries too! Mileage will vary. Canadian bills, for example, are plastic.

Simple Electric Motors

Evil Mad Scientist shows how to build a very simple electric motor.

Electronics Online has a tutorial for building a simple electric motor on a base.

These homopolar magnet dancers at BableDabbleDo extend the idea.

Spinning pen fun from Arvind Gupta.

Maker Notables

Ayah Bdeir, founder of Little Bits. The color-coded magnetic system takes away the intimidation factor when introducing electronics, but with plenty of add-ons such as Synth kit and Arduino kit, allows plenty of room for creativity and learning. Having just completed a Series A round, the company appears to be on solid financial footing as well. @ayahbdeir

Colleen Graves, Texas teacher librarian, with boundless energy and a knack for Vines that demonstrate both how easy many maker activities can be to implement and the joy they bring to students. She is moving from a middle school library to a high school library for the upcoming school year so it will be interesting to see the different projects that emerge in a new setting. She maintains a helpful list of MakerEd resources and is ever-present on Twitter at @gravescolleen




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