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Nonfiction Monday: Puffling Patrol

July 23, 2012

puffling patrol

It’s hard to beat puffins for cuteness. Cute + informative = a winning combination.

Once again, Ted and Betsy Lewin’s travels bring a fascinating glimpse into a way of life I never knew existed. In Puffling Patrol, the Lewins chronicle eight-year-old twins, Dani and Erna, as they rescue pufflings on the Icelandic island of Heimay. While only 4300 people live on Heimay, their lights are enough to confuse many of the young puffins making their way to sea each August. Children who join the Puffling Patrol stay up late to rescue puffins who land in the town from the dangers of dogs, cats, and vehicles (in the best of times, puffins’ stout bodies make takeoff challenging, the flat streets and weak young wings make takeoff in town impossible). What an awesome experience for the children! The illustrations capture both the joy and seriousness with which they approach their task. See the quarterback throw when the puffins are released and an enthusiastic rescue on the National Geographic Video (3 minutes).

The back matter on Atlantic puffins enhances the already fascinating book.  Unfortunately, it was necessary to include information on the threats the puffins face. A shortage of sand eels is threatening the puffin population on Heimay mean that while 1600 pufflings were rescued in 2007, only ten were in 2010.

Puffling Patrol would pair well with The One and Only Ivan, a book that has been inspiring many children to want to do something for animals in need.

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This book will also count towards my Nonfiction Picture Book challenge.

2 thoughts on “Nonfiction Monday: Puffling Patrol

  1. Bravo to the Puffling Patrol kids! I love stories about everyday heroes.
    Thanks for sharing the book.

  2. This looks like a really charming book. Thanks for sharing.

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