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Flannel Friday Inspiration Post: Trains Flannelboard

May 11, 2012

Thanks Melissa for sharing your train templates! Transportation stories are always such a hit. It’s nice to have lots of fun flannels to use with them. Melissa made it with Clickety Clack in mind: Clickety Clack Clickety-one, clickety-one, Here comes ENGINE number one. Clickety-two, clickety-two, Here comes BOX CAR number two. Clickety-three, clickety-three, Here comes […]

Transportation Storytime

September 10, 2011

It’s been a slow blogging month. This was a fitting storytime theme for me given all the travel I’ve been doing lately! I don’t do toddler storytimes very often so it’s a bit tricky for me because I tend to forget how short the stories, but this time I had enough stories and activities and […]