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Weekly roundup: Kids Tech Sites, February 12

February 12, 2012

Remember PhotoPeach from last week’s post? TechWorms at AISB are using it to make book trailers. Clever.

The Tinkering Studio is a maker movement wonder and their blog is filled with inspiring hands-on activities (for both children and adults). Love this post about a wire automata activity.

This week Tech Club experimented with a variety of sound generators. Not the most successful choice since it meant the kids were wearing headphones and not interacting as much. Of course, the technical glitches didn’t help either.

Room 108 Music Mixer (warning: headache inducing for adults!)

Hands Symphony (my favourite)

Paint with Music

WolframTones (can use to create ringtones)

Kisstunes – play the computer keyboard “like” a piano keyboard

Virtual Piano – similar to Kisstunes, but not just piano tones

For Kisstunes and Virtual Piano, I handed out some simple songs from Tech Tip of the Week. Another go around, I’ll take time to do up some tunes more fitting for tweens, but some of them really enjoyed doing these children’s tunes too.

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